Architectural design
Creatiing a new building is every architect's passion and dream. We can't have it any other way either. What is more - we love refurbishing old buildings and brushing their dust off for a new life. We enjoy all kinds of challenges which provide better, prettier and more comfortable environment.

A better environment

Each building is somebody’s fortress but the built environment affects us all.

Good architecture fulfills its mission – to be practical, sustainable and beautiful without standing out. Its goal is good environment for the people.

  • All buidlings are undetachable from their surroundings
  • Architecture brings people specific vibes and emotions and should meet all contemporary strives for a reasonable usage of resources
  • We love human scale in buildings - designed by people for people

Dearest tasks

As much as we love designing new buildings, we also love bringin old structures and spaces back to life – changing their purpose, combining the beauty of their original materials with the latest trends in finishes. Most cities have plenty of amazing old buildings ready to shine brand new again.

How we can help


Each building has a concrete purpose. The first thing to decide upon is what the building will be about.


Each assignment has multiple solutions. We will help you with ideas to pick the best, most convenient and most usable space layout.

Design and visualizations

This is where the big fun begins – to see, in our heads, what the future project will look like, to mix up different variants and to get the most of it. From the plans through the elevations, materials and technologies to advisable sustainability measures – these are few of the reasons why we love our profession

Drawings and full documentation for a Building permit

In most cases the architect is the chief designer of a building. We love this role and put full responsibility and professionalist to collect all necessary paperwork for the project to be approved and built.

What else

How about the interior design?

Joyfully accepting our vocation to be both architects and interior designers we pay respect to the interior and exterior of a building while designing it. If you like what you see we can offer a full interior design for you new home or office