Interior design is a nice thing but perfect execution is everything.

Let's do it

Every beautiful design deserves to be implemented as perfectly.

Sometimes the only person you can trust to realise a good design is us. Too many times have we been disappointed by louse execution of good design, carried out by random contractors. The final result is what matters the most so we produce and control the implementation of our projects.

  • We work with trusted contractors who understand and support out ideas
  • We enjoy being in control of execution and insist on nothing but the highest quality
  • God is in the detail - so it has to be perfect

We love this game

We are agile and usually perfect a design while implementing it. There are numerous problems on every site so making the right decisions is crucial. We love taking responsibility for our opinion – that is how we enjoy the final product the most.

What we do

We select the materials

Interiors are no movie sets so it is very important to select the right materials – real, durable and harmless. Quality materials create a good final result.

We have a word with on-site contractors

Finishing works, plumbing, HVAC ducts and cabling are organically tied to interior. We work as a team with builders aiming at the big goal – the end result to be satisfying for everyone.

No compromise with quality

The product cannot be good enough if the details are false. The professionals we work with know how much we insist on good detail and produce the interiors with the same passion as we do when designing them.

Deadline and budget

We shall be honest with you – execution of interior designs is a complicated and often unpredictable job. Nevertheless we trust our expertise and experience to try and fit in time and budget frames.

What else

You will meet us on the site

Maybe unexpected to many people – we visit our project sites regularly to oversee the execution, to solve problems and to answer to questions. Sometimes we fetch beer to out guys there but they deserve it. On-site work is as important as the design stage. For what is done is what matters.