Home interiors
Well-planned. Comfortable. Beautiful. The three virtues every home needs, every home-owner seeks and can possess regardless of the budget.

Home - that is who you are.

What your home looks like tells about you more than a thousand words.

Every castle has its master and every master has a different vision and desire about their home’s appearance and feel. We deeply respect this unwritten law and in our work we pay the greatest attention to the most important feature your home possesses. You.

  • Every home interior is different, but also individual
  • The most important ingredient in the design process is you
  • Because this is your castle

Dear patrons

Meeting people is among the best advantages of our profession. Each one of you is unique and interesting, carrying new and bright ideas and our mutual work enriches us all immensely. To design a home interior that is tailor-made for you is usually a tough and slow process that however always pays back.

How we can help

We measure and plan

We take measurements on the spot to ensure the design meets reality. Working on the floorplans of the spaces actually solves the first very important task – the convenient layout.


Creating a 3D vision of the newly designed spaces filled with furniture, materials, colours and textures. From lamp types to the cushions on the sofa – you will get realistic views of your interior.


Next we ought to make that beautiful design you just saw a reality. To accomplish that we need detailed plans, drafts and drawings. Floors, walls, ceilings, details, bill of quantities – we deliver it all.

Consulting and on-site help all along

We will be by your side each step of the way to your new home – no matter if you need assistance selecting those wall tiles or curtains or sockets. You will have hundreds of questions and we will be there at your service.

Anything else?

Execution management

“It is likely you are a busy person who has never dealt with a home interior project before”.
“We will sketch out the process for you, we could suggest contractors, we will show you the right shops, we could also make a rough estimate on the total cost and time frame. We will be with you to oversee the execution – from the first screw until you move in.”