Interior branding
Your office, gym or work space quite often need a small piece to fill in the puzzle, to create the right atmosphere and to send the correct message. If it is a poster, a logo, a smart slogan or a whole background image, interior branding upscales spaces and makes them more intimate and stunning.

Where am I?

Interior branding provides visual communication in the room and spaces and aids a guest find their way easily.

Contemporary public spaces in buildings are vast, light and hospitable. Branded walls, glazing and other interior elements brings class and a personal touch

  • Put yout logo or motto in the entrance area to meet and greet your clients and guests
  • Filter what everyone sees in your conference halls and offices without compromising natural light
  • Add to your interior the important citations which inspire and stimulate your coworkers

Final touch

Intertwining the company identity with the work interior – the lobby, the reception desk, even in the lounge areas is exciting and sets that final touch to the design work. This way – in addition to being practical and beautiful, it also becomes personal.

How we can help

Space analysis

Together we will decide where and what is best to be branded, how big and what colour it should be to achieve the best result

Collage or a visualization

If it is a ready interior – a collage, if a new design – visualizations – in 3D you will get the best idea what your branding would look like.

Measurements, preparations, execution

We do it all – from the concept, through the working stage – on-site measurements, making the branding elements to the final assembly on spot. Careful preparatory work is the key to excellent results.


We work with experienced contractors who are able to draw, foil, mount and glue everything to everything. PVC foils and foamed boards, glass, metals, wood – whatever you have in mind could turn into your new branding.

What else

We are architects after all!

Branding may be the crown jewel of work interiors but it fits best when the building itself is wisely designed and furnished. Good for you – we do that too!”