Whole nine floors of an office

About the project

An office interior for MentorMate's new HQ in Sofia. The real challenge was to create a unifying interior design vision for an office spreading out on nine floors in a single building. We chose to try and "import" nature to the interior, designating each floor to a specific natural habitat - "Desert", "Forest", "Arctica", etc. As a result we were able to deliver variety in colours and feel with the added benefit of serving as an easy visual guide for the employees to quickly navigate which floor they are on. The interior of the working spaces is uncluttered to avoid distractions, while at the same time conveying this cosy feeling of being "close to nature". P.S. The "Forest" floor has its own birdhouses :).

Customer: MentorMate Bulgaria, Sofia, Bulgaria

Project: VA Studio; execution - "Atelieto"; folio - Tedi Djodjova

Date: 2016

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