Public interiors
A comfortable and pleasant work and fun atmosphere where you'll love to come back every day.

Work, sport and leisure

The places you go to everyday and you like it.

At the office, the gym or the lab – wherever it is your working environment needs to be beautiful, functional and should make you feel good.

  • Working in a well-designed environment is a pleasure
  • Enjoyable work spaces stimulate and attract
  • Sports and leisure time are organically connected to working time

Dear patrons

Our clients are our friends. Working together to creat a quality interior space requires a lot of communication and getting to know each other, but most of all understanding the work culture of the future users – what their ways to work and be active are, where they spend their leisure time, what they enjoy and how it should be done.

How we can help


We ask direct questions which not only make the task clearer to us but also provoke you to decide how you want it all to be done.


Every interior space is limited but if planned wisely it usually unveils unexpected possibilities. Together we will set the layout in a way to be as funcional as possible.

Visualizations and paperwork

3D visualizations give a full idea of the way the design will look like when completed – the open spaces, conference rooms, offices and commen spaces. You will see realistically all the materials, textures, colours and furniture which will fill the floors, ceiling and walls. After that we come to execution of the project and as in every project we need plans, drawings and timetables to make your pictures a reality. Floors, walls, ceiling, details, bill of quantities – we deliver it all.

Drawings, consulting and execution assistance

We will be by your side throughout the whole process – from the drawings and bill of quantities, through selecting floor finishes, doors and even the type of bulbs for the lamps. You will have dozens of questions and we will be there to help.

What else

Execution management

It is highly unlikely that your business is interior design execution. We will list the processes for you, we will suggest trustworthy contractors, we will show you the good shops, we could even make a rough estimate on the total cost and time frame. We will be with you to oversee the execution – from the first screw until you move in.”